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Who We Are

Headquartered in Carlsbad, NM. Expert Analysis, LLC is one of the fastest growing Facility and Pipeline Infrastructure Solutions Providers in the Permian region. We deliver a full range of resources such as: construction, maintenance, integrity, as well as many other specialty services that span the entire oil and gas lifecycle. 



We take pride on being able to promote the ability to execute our projects safely, on time, and on budget. Countless hours are invested into our resources ensuring we have the experience to deliver a quality end result that meets every project requirement, plus some! 


First and Foremost, SAFETY!

Our families are counting on us to provide for them, but our families are also counting on us to return home. This is why we will not sacrifice our safety culture for any task and/or project. We are proud to invest so much time working together with our employees, ensuring their professional and safety mentalities are always at the highest professional degree achievable. We value our safety culture so much, that we literally "Put our money where our mouth is!" offering Safety Bonuses for every employee on every single one of our projects! 

For our clients, this translates into decreased risk of financial and/or legal repercussions. 


Pipeline Construction

Our team has an esteemed track record of installing pipelines up to 24" in diameter across the best, as well as the worst, terrains our amazing country has to offer. Whether your project is a long distance milage spread or a complex, congested corridor/gathering system, we have the necessary skills, manpower, and equipment to coordinate the scheduling, management, and construction of your next pipeline construction project safely and efficiently.

Our pipeline construction services include:

  • 4" to 24" Diameter Carbon Steel/HDPE Polyethylene Pipeline Construction
  • HDD Directional Drilling
  • Gathering System Construction
  • Pipeline Repair & Rehabilitation
  • HDPE Polyethylene Fabrication 
  • Integrity & Maintenance 
  • Internal Coating, Blasting, Painting 
  • Heavy Equipment Hauling
  • Hydrostatic/ Pneumatic Testing
  • Project Management 
  • SWD Poly Fusion Rehab & Repairs
  • Emergency Response Leak Repair


Facility Services

Our team offers single-source facility solutions with beginning to end construction capabilities ranging from small stations to large facilities. Our experienced professionals are capable of building any size facility/station regardless of the conditions. Aside from having the best team, we work with the best tools and equipment so that our team is always working under the best possible conditions. Meeting our customers' necessities is always the primary goal! 

Our facility construction services include:

  • Compressor Stations 
  • Meter Stations
  • Pump Stations 
  • Tank Terminals & Storage Facilities 
  • Liquid Handling Facilities 
  • Well Pad & Location Work 
  • Modifications, Upgrades & Expansions
  • SWD Construction & Maintenance
  • Project Management
  • Road and Pad Construction/Maintenance
  • Internal Coating, Blasting, Painting


The Solution

Our team is always one email or call away! We plan on becoming the area's premier contractor and we understand what it takes to become that!

We appreciate any opportunity to submit bids for any of your upcoming facility and/or pipeline infrastructure necessities!


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